Travelling With Kids And Pets? Here Are 20 Useful Travel Tips

Children and pets make travel hours worthwhile. Boredom isn’t on board because you have the ultimate source of happiness despite several hours of having to sit down during the entire travel time. Isn’t it a great thing that you get to take your kids and furry pets with you on your next out of country plans? 

Our dearest fur pets are not especially new to travelling with the family trend. In the US alone, 68% of their households have pets and 37% of them bring along their pets to any vacation, especially during the holidays and the percentage continues to increase annually.

Thankfully, it has gotten more convenient to carry along with our pets when travelling either by land, plane, or sea (although with varying regulations depending on the cruise shipping company). 

Travelling might be a tedious process altogether, all the more when taking your kids and pets with you. It gets a bit distressing, especially when you’re doing it for the first time and it’s totally normal given the circumstances of handling everything that your kids and pets need.

Here’s our informative guideline on how to make travelling anywhere easier for you, your children, and your pets.  

General Tips Before Travelling + Travel Tip Checklist

Prepare all the important documents.

Passports, IDs, birth certificate, medical certificate if your child or pets need special medical attention while out of town or country — these are all important when you’re travelling. Make sure to keep them all together near you at all times. 

Find out the terms and conditions when travelling with children and pets.

Depending on the country you’ll be visiting, most especially for your pets, there are some countries that have stricter implementations on carrying them with you. Be sure to find out before you’ve booked the flight and made reservations. 

Avoid packing too much.

It’s an advantage to be prepared, but know when the right things to pack. Aside from unnecessary clutter, it might cost you additional baggage fees if you’re flying or on the hotel/lodging that you booked. Another travel tip: choose sturdy luggage that can handle even the most fragile items that you’ll pack inside. 

Always bring a spare of anything on your carry-on bag.

Even on flight travel where your luggage will get separated from you for long hours, it’s important to have a spare of the necessary items like medicines, hygiene kits, small foods — but remember, “avoid packing too much”. Just pack enough spares for the whole family. 

Establish and maintain a travel-flexible routine together with your children and pets.

Being able to adapt to longer travel hours with kids and pets starts by exposing them to long-distance drives so that they’ll get used to the length of hours to reach one place to another. Teach your kids to be more patient when travelling and train your pets to withstand staying still in the car without getting too uncomfortable.

Travel Tip Checklist for Kids

  • Prepare all your kids’ daily necessities and keep them at hand. 
  • Brief/orient them several times about what’s going to happen during the trip. 
  • Make sure to pack on plenty of light snacks and drinks that they can munch on.
  • Create a list of engaging activities to distract your children from boredom while travelling.
  • Bring gadgets to keep them distracted but limit their screen time to avoid triggering dizziness.
  • Provide them with identification cards inside their pockets or on their wrists containing contact information in case they get lost while travelling (which we hope won’t happen). 
  • Make sure to get them good loads of sleep before the trip.

Travel Tip Checklist for Pets

  • Train your pet to get used to travelling long hours. Run them on several trials by going for mile-long test drives. 
  • Look for anything pet-friendly. From events, tours, restaurants, locations, tourist attractions, lodging, etc. 
  • Research the nearest vet or drugstore in case of emergency situations before you’ve even arrived at your travel destination. 
  • Prepare everything handy your dog might need during the trip. Collapsible bowls, wet wipes, chew toys, dog treats, dog food — basically the dog essentials. 
  • Make sure you’ve walked them a lot before taking the ride. 
  • Make sure to keep your pet aware that you’re near and with them. If riding by plane, putting some clothes inside their crate for them not to be triggered by anxiety is quite useful.

General Tips While Travelling

It’s not going to be easy, so learn to toughen up.

Be versatile about what’s going to happen during the entire trip. Whether you’ll have unexpected win-win scenarios or worst-case situations, learn how to accept things that cannot be undone and move one from it. But if it’s worth solving the situation, do it within your means. 

Keep everything as organised as possible.

Bringing your kids and pets while travelling pretty much takes up space in your car. Add in loads of your luggage and other kinds of stuff that you bring throughout the entire vacation. Make sure that you only pack on the most essential things you need and leave out small, one-time-use items that can be easily bought while you’re on vacation.

Drive-by several stopovers along the way.

Let your children and pets to take care of their personal business in the restroom, buy some snacks again, and take short walks before you get back on the road again. 

Monitor your kid’s and pets’ whereabouts at all times.

No matter what happens while travelling, keep a close eye on your precious little children and fur pets. Never leave them alone anywhere: in the car, on the plane, at the waiting line. Never do it. It’s gonna cost you time, money, and lots of physical and emotional energy if you lose one of them or worse, both.

We understand it’s very challenging to become a very doting parent to both your kids and pets. But they’re your most important priority to take care of even while travelling. Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes.

It may not be easy travelling with your children and pets, but we assure you that everything will be truly worth it when you travel completely with the ones you love.

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